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Practical Handbook of Grapevine Fertilization
Must and Wine Quality


  • Introduction
    1 - What Do Minerals Do?
    • 1.1 - Grapevine Physiology – Role of Essential Minerals
      • Practical Knowledge: Recognition of Mineral Deficiency and Excess in Grapevines and Conditions for Appearance of Symptoms
    • 1.2 - Minerals and Must/Wine Quality
      • Practical Knowledge: Effects of Mineral Deficiency and Excess on Musts and Wines
  • 2 - How to Assess Mineral Needs and Fertilizer Requirements?
    • 2.1 - Evaluation of Mineral Needs: Quantity, Absorption Rates and Variations (N, P, K, Ca and Mg)
      • Practical Knowledge: Non-Yield-Related Causes of Variations in Mineral Absorption Rates (Causes for Deficiencies and Excesses)
      • Practical Knowledge: Classification of Main Fruiting and Rootstock Varieties as a Function of K and Mg Needs and Absorption Rates
    • 2.2 - Evaluation of Natural Fertilization and Amounts of Fertilizer to Add
      • Natural Fertilization (Provided by Surrounding Environment)
      • Fertilizer Addition – Pilot System, 2005 Update. System for Calculating N, P, K, Ca and Mg Fertilizer Amounts as a Function of Soil Properties
  • 3 - How to Assess the Effects of Fertilizer Addition?
    • 3.1 - Leaf and Petiole Analysis
      • Practical Knowledge: Interpretation of Petiole Analyses
    • 3.2 - Must and Wine Analysis
      • Practical Knowledge: Interpretation of Mineral Analyses of White, Rosé and Red Wines
  • 4 - Specific Characteristics of Vineyard Soils
    • 4.1 - Origin and Nature of Different Vineyard Soils
    • 4.2 - pH of Vineyard Soils
    • 4.3 - Correction of Soil Acidity in Vineyards
    • 4.4 - Organic Matter in Vineyard Soils
      • Soils and Organic Matter
      • Origin and Nature of Organic Matter
      • Chemical Composition of Organic Matter: Fertilizing Value and Humus Value
      • Humus Yield from Organic Matter
      • Humus Losses in the Soil: Mineralization
      • Annual Humus Balance
  • 5 - Soil Analysis: Uses and Limits in Viticulture

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