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  • 1. Oxygen addition and fermentaion kinetics of saccharomyces cerevisiae during oenological fermentations
    (J.M. Salmon - J.M. Sablayrolles - E. Rosenfeld - UMR "Sciences pour l'oenologie" INRA-Montpellier, France).
  • 2. Importance of vitamins during alcoholic fermenwion.
    (J.M. Sablayrolles - J.M. Salmon - UMR "Sciences pour l'oenologie" INRA-Montpellier, France).
  • 3. The role of metal ions in optimising yeast fermentation performance.
    (Graeme M. Walker - University of Abertay Dundee - Dundee, Scotland).
  • 4. Physiological and molecular characterisation of the malolactic bacterium Oenococcus oeni
    (Jean Guzzo - Laboratoire de microbiologie - UMR INRA, Ensbana, Université de bourgogne, Dijon, France).
  • 5. Interactions between lactic acid bacteria of wine and phenolic compounds.
    (A. Lonvaud-Funel - Faculté d'oenologie, Unité associée INRA/Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux II, Talence, France).
  • 6. Acetaldehyde metabolism in malolactic bacteria and its effect on bacterial growth.
    (R. Mira de orduna - G.J. Pilone - Institute of molecuear biosciences, Massey University, Palmerston north, New Zealand ; J. 0sborne - Department of food science & nutrition, Washington State University, Pullman, USA ; G.J. Pickering - Cool climate oenoeogy and viticulture institute, Brock University, Ontario, Canada ; S.O. Liu - New Zealand dairy research institute, Palmerston north, New Zealand).
  • 7. Influence of the time of inoculation on the malolactic fermentation and the interactions between yeasts and bacteria
    (Doris Rauhut - Sigrun Jungwirth - Department of microbiology and biochemistry, the Geisenheim research institute, Geisenheim, Germany ; Sibylle Krieger - Manfred Grossmann. Lallemand Danstar ferment AG, Renningen, Germany).

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