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  • 1. The fermentation of sorghum to produce palatable beers
    (Franck Lynch - Gbw Research Centre)
  • 2. Amylolitic Yeasts
    (Graham Stewart - Labatt Breweries)
  • 3. Lactobacillus in scotch whisky distilleries ; Friend or Foe?
    (Fergus G. Priest - Heriot Watt University)
  • 4. Developments in fermentation process control
    (Herb Collicut - Seagram)
  • 5. Yeast nutrition and whisky Flavour
    (David R. Berry - University of Strathclyde)
  • 6. Effect of activated carbon and pressure on fusel oil production in wine fermentations
    (Alan Barnett - Brown Forman Research Center)
  • 7. The role of magnesium ions in fermentation
    (Graeme M. Walker - Dundee Institute of Technologie)
  • 8. Influence of yeast nutrition on the production of alcohol
    (Mike Ingledew - University of Saskatchewan)
  • 9. Brettanomyces development during alcoholic fermentation of beet molasses and its control
    (M.L. Delia, O. Strehaiano - LGC UA CNRS ENSIGC)
  • 10. Yeast and rhum production survey of some trails
    (F. Vidal, L. Bonneau, A. Parfait-Critt-Bac, P. Strehaiano - ENSIGC)
  • 11. Overview of tequila production with an emphasis on the role of yeast
    (Cedeno CM - Destiladora Gonzalez Guadalajara)
  • 12. Legal aspects and description of production stages for pisco
    (Miguel Cabrera - Pisco Capel)

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