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inemakers and wine lovers all agree that the only wine worthy of the name is one of quality. Now it so happens that Bacchus patronage does not always suffice to protect wine from the whims of nature and human error. It then becomes a source of disappointment. Scienfific research into wine faults bagan many years ago and several aromatic compounds have been identified but this information has neither been revelated, nor made available to the general public.

I have entrusted this arduous and prolonged research project to David Guermonprez, a biochemical engineer. It has been based on all that the experts have said and written on the subject and we thank them for it. This gathering of information was as important as my own experience as a professionnal taster and that of Eric Verdier, my tasting partner. After selecting twelve easily recognizable faults (discernible by an experienced taster), it was then a question of concentration to obtain the exact notes you will find in this kit. They are remarkably realistic, distinctive and persistent.

Our aim is to provide twelve objective scent references that will enable you to memorize and better identify the phenomena that can contaminate wine. Producers ans customers will now be able to consult this vade mecum as soon as a problem presents itself. The reference molecules selected in the bottles are directly linked to the molecular composition of faults wines. May they become the bench marks for cellars the world over.

Jean Lenoir

List of aromas
Origin Category Molecule
  • 1 - Vegetal
  • Trans-2-Hexanal
  • 2 - Rotten apple
  • 3 - Vinegar
  • 4 - Glue
  • 5 - Soap
  • acetaldehyde (ethanal)
  • acetic acid
  • ethyl acetate
  • decanoic acid
  • 6 - Sulphur
  • 7 - Rotten egg
  • 8 - Onion
  • 9 - Cauliflower
  • SO2
  • H2S
  • ethanethiol (mercaptan)
  • Dimethyl sulphide
  • 10 - Horse
  • ethyl-4-phenol
  • 11 - Mouldy-earthy
  • 12 - Cork
  • 2-ethyl-fenchol
  • trichloroanisole

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