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  • Indigenous lactic acid bacteria and selected lactic acid bacteria
    Aline Lonvaud-Funel
  • The buttery attribute of wine - Diacetyl. Desirability, spoilage and beyond. Butter or no butter
    Evelyne J. Bartowsky and Paul A. Henschke
  • Aptitude of selected and wild strains of oenococcus oeni to induce MLF in harsh wines
    Francesca Nannelli, Flavia Creatini and Iolanda Rosi
  • Yeasts-bacteria interaction - possible nutrient strategies
    Thomas Henick-Kling, Kathleen Arnink, Lorenza Conterno, Carl Shively and Sibylle Krieger
  • Impact of S-containing amino acids and glutathione on growth of oenococcus oeni and malolactic fermentation
    Doris Rauhut, Magdalena Gawron-Scibek, Beata Beisert, Marta Kondzior, Ralf Schwarz, Helmut Kürbel, Manfred Grossmann and Sibylle Krieger
  • Practical implications of the lactic acid bacteria genome project; malolactic fermentations
    David A. Mills
  • Perception by wine drinkers of sensory defects caused by uncontrolled malolactic fermentation
    Antonio Palacios, Carlos Suarez, Sibylle Krieger, Didier Théodore, Luis Otano and Francisco Pena
  • Malolactic fermentation without control…the masks
    Didier Théodore, Antonio Palacios, Sibylle Krieger and Ann Dumont
  • Do malolactic bacteria influence wine quality?
    Summary of the round table discussion
    Tim Atkin, Moderator.

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