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  • 1. Perceived and real health concerns in the United States wine industry and how they relate to politics and domestic and international trade.
    Richard M. Gahagan - Regulatory Consultant - Beverage Alcohol, Fresno, California, USA.
  • 2. Wine and health - A UK retailer perspective
    Sam Harrop - Mark & Spencer, UK
  • 3. Role of yeasts in ethyl carbamate formation in wines and solutions: strain selection, enzymatic and novel types of removal
    Linda F. Bisson - University of California, Davis, USA
  • 4. Enological yeast effect on the SO2 content and management in wines
    Dominique Delteil - Institut Coopératif du Vin - Lattes - France.
  • 5. Biopreservation and increasing the wholesomeness of wine
    Maret du Toit - Melané Vivier - Pierre van Rensburg - Wine Institute of Stellenboch - South Africa.
  • 6. Origin and control of biogenic amines in wines - Role on intolerance to wines
    Vincent Gerbaux - ITV Beaune - France ; Gisele Kanny - Medecine Interne, Immunologie Clinique et Allergologie - Hopital Central - Nancy - France.
  • 7. Development of a fermented beverage with probiotics
    Fritz Briem - Doemens - Germany.
  • 8. Use of enzymes in winemaking: possible impact on health related effects
    David Guerrand - Lallemand SA - Blagnac - France.

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